RPA Services

Graspear’s Robotic process automation process is where software robots automate manual monotonous data-entry and repetitive tasks across different systems. Our end-to-end RPA consulting services exploit intelligent automation and help enhance productivity. We ensure a reduction in operational costs and help businesses to scale. Our software bots are built to execute rule-based tasks that reduce or replace the mundane tasks of the tech professionals, allowing them to deliver excellence, significant to human capabilities.

Our RPA Service Offerings

  • Assessment of the as-is processes
  • Process discovery
  • Scoping of the problem statement
Due Diligence
  • Provide a holistic strategic roadmap
  • Best Solution Approach
  • Proof of Concept (POC)
  • Recommendations on RPA Solutions and platforms
  • Plan on governance models
RPA Enablement
  • Define KPI/Metrics
  • Process improvisation and Governance
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Best Practices
RPA Implementation
  • Build workflows
  • QC on Bots
  • Exception workflow process
  • Business user training
  • BOT Maintenance
  • Continuous improvement
  • Product and license support
RPA Helps With
    Labour Intensive / High number of FTEs
  • Processes requiring a high number of employees, who are not involved in decision making routine tasks
    Highly mature with simple rules & logic
  • Rule-based processes with a standard operating procedure, having low exception rates and Exception routes clearly defined and no cognitive decision making required
    Inflow and outflow of Standardized / Structured data
  • Processes dealing with a defined set of structured business communication documents
    High Volumes of data
  • Mundane tasks like data entry, monitoring, mass mail generation, involving high volumes of data consuming most productive hours
    Seasonal demand for labour
  • Processes with fluctuating demand require full-time staff
    Tailbacks causing high turnaround times
  • Processes with huge backlog queues
RPA Across Industries
  • Employee On-boarding
  • HR Spend Analytics & Reporting
  • Time Record Validation
  • Travel and Expense Management
    Finance and Accounting
  • Purchase requisition and automation
  • Automating Invoices process
  • Credit note processing
  • Accounts Payable: three-way match
  • Server and application monitoring
  • User setup and configuration
  • FTP download, upload, and backup
  • Software Installations
    Logistics and Manufacturing
  • Supplier portal integration purchase requisition and automation
  • Freight management
  • Invoice, quote, and contract management
  • Supply and demand planning
    Cross Functional
  • Data extraction, aggregation, integration from websites, portals, documents, systems
  • Data entry
  • Process monitoring and optimization
  • Applications integrations