(Asset & Inventory Management System)


Starting a new construction project signifies new beginnings and opportunities for growth. However, the project's ultimate success hinges upon the seamless execution of various tasks, with particular emphasis on the meticulous management of formwork. Efficient handling of formwork not only ensures structural integrity but also plays a pivotal role in adhering to project timelines, identifying delays, and managing budget constraints.


Obstacles in Formwork Management

  • Coordinating formwork procedures has been challenging, encompassing difficulties in obtaining permissions for formwork requests and ensuring accurate information capture.
  • Supply coordination for formwork materials has led to frequent delays and disruptions in project schedules.
  • Lack of real-time visibility into formwork utilization has hindered efficiency.
  • Managing returns and relocating materials between projects has added complexity and time-consuming tasks to the process.

Introducing AIMS

  • Meet AIMS: Our response to these challenges is AIMS, an innovative formwork management solution.
  • Designed to streamline the entire process to Organize, track, approve, and utilize formwork materials seamlessly with AIMS.
  • Experience efficiency and ease in managing formwork tasks with AIMS at your disposal.

Key Features of AIMS

  • Utilizing an intuitive interface, make and approve formwork requests with ease.
  • Streamline delivery processes, minimize downtime, and guarantee that formwork supplies arrive on time.
  • Learn how to track formwork in real-time to maximize resource allocation and boost output.
  • Use effective documentation management and automatic notifications to streamline the return process.
  • Designed to be used by multiple users, fostering collaboration and efficiency among project management.

Platforms Compatibility

  • AIMS is accessible via web browsers, Android, and iOS platforms, providing flexibility and accessibility for users on and off-site.
  • Real-time progress updates via the mobile application ensure seamless collaboration throughout the project lifecycle.


  • With AIMS, bid farewell to the inefficiencies of traditional formwork management.
  • AIMS promotes collaboration, enhances visibility, and drives greater efficiency, unlocking the potential for smoother, more successful construction projects.

AIMS: Your Partner in Seamless Construction